High precision web error codes and cloud availability

Ever get an error on the web? Its some 3-digit number (404, 502, etc). Ever wonder, how precise is that? Well the Government of Canada did, and now adds another significant digit. Here’s a 503.0 error. No more do you wonder, should I round-up from 503.5?

Also, did you ever wonder what sort of web-outage in 2018 could be 3 weeks long? Hmm. I hope this isn’t the Phoenix pay system spreading!

In this day and age of web services, we are conditioned to near 100% availability. Seriously, when was the last time you typed some search and didn’t get an instant response from Google? Would society shut down if people couldn’t instagram that ‘special moment that occurs no less than 96 times per day’? Inquiring minds…






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