Never SSL

So you are in some random location you don’t frequent. They have wifi. You’ve ignored all my previous posts about security and want to connect. You connect, but nothing works. What should you do?

Well, try opening You might be hitting a combination of ‘too much ssl’ and ‘captive portal’. I know, you can never have too much tls. But, maybe in this case, you are one of those old-school captive portals that needs to do a 307 redirect to some ‘welcome to our store’ login page. And that above URL does what it says on the tin.

No trackers, no ads, just a means of making your browser redirect to the login. Pure and simple.






2 Responses to “Never SSL”

  1. I’m more of a kind of guy myself.

    1. db

      unencrypted fake news?
      but what if they one day make the ssl leap? Think of the captive portals!

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