Month: November 2018

Separate CI cluster woes: can hierarchical caching help?

So I have this architecture where we have 2 separate Kubernetes clusters. The first cluster runs in GKE, the second on ‘the beast of the basement’ (and then there’s a bunch in AKS but they are for different purposes). I

CI’s Gone Wild: Totally Tenacious Test Tuning

So one of the upstream projects I am working on has added some new tests. Should be a good thing, right? Suddenly, out of nowhere, we start getting ‘terminated 137’ on CI stages. The obscure unix math is… substract 128

Laughably Loquacious Logging

So you are pretty proud of yourself. You have a full micro-services running in Kubernetes with a service mesh (courtesy of Istio). You have configured your liveness probes to once per second. You are using an EFK stack (Elasticsearch /

Its looking like HTTP/3 will be all encrypted and all UDP, all the time

I started my web-ish life with HTTP 0/9. It was the dialect that ‘escaped’ from Cern. Soon after HTTP/1.0 came along, and then 1.1. And we stuck on 1.1 for a long time (more than 2 decades). And then HTTP/2

Smart speaker bearing witness in murder trial

In 2017 an Amazon Alexa ‘testified’ in a murder trial in Arkansas, and is now scheduled to do so in New Hampshire (a double murder!). No word on Siri, Bixby, “OK Google” and their kin. Now, obviously big tech would