Casual rental transportation devices

Waterloo is going to start allowing those ‘lime‘ scooters. I have to say I’m not a huge fan. Seeing them in San Francisco, they were a nuisance, left laying all over the place, and being joy-ridden by drunk tourists.

I do think the general concept is strong tho. Recently I was in Minnesota, and they had this e-bike rental system. They had proper stands (which charged them). The pricing was set to incentise many short trips (e.g. 30 minutes), which is perfect for going somewhere, doing your shopping, etc.

$6/day with unlimited 30-min trips, or $75/yr w/ the first 60-min of each trip free. This is great!

They are simple bikes (1-speed fixie) with moderate power assist (250W). Very simple, reasonably quick, and very space/traffic efficient. I think these would do well in Waterloo (you can take your shopping on it, you can go a bit more distance, they are safer).







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  1. ISMAG

    Lime scooters are very popular in Paris..and spreading in the EU

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