Sarcasm as an education tool: how to micro-service

Socrates invented this method of teaching. The Socratic method (also known as maieutics? no way wikipedia, not buying it). In it, the teacher asks questions. You might more commonly know it as Jeopardy! and subsitute Alex Trebeck for Socrates. (Side note: he is probably the most famous person from Sudbury, and, set your calendar, he is going to stop hosting Jeopardy! on May 2, 2020).

Lesser known as a strategy for teaching is sarcasm. Sure those zippy one-liners taught you a bit about things in high school (nice shirt!), but, well, perhaps you didn’t get a degree via this tool.

Well, lightly switching gears and then coming back, we find that many people are talking about micro-services these days. Instagram famously built their company, got sold, without doing so. But more startups today have googled ‘how to code’ and have a littany of CI, CD, Micro-service, service-mesh, service-discovery, …, and are beavering away on the platform and framework first. So much work, so little progress.

And, many mature companies are taking their ‘big hairy ball’ of code and trying to extract it. So much re-understanding going on of the ‘why’ in things.

Coming back to sarcasm and joining it to micro-services. Watch this great youtube video. This guy *is* sarcasm. He’s evidence that there exists a sense of humour in germans, somewhere. He uses sarcasm as a method to show all the ways you can prevent micro-services from being successful. And in it, you will find all the lessons of what not to do. Its really great, worth the watch.






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