The spirit of optimism is alive in uptown waterloo

Recently I (as a taxpayer) and many of you paid $25K for a '2001-style-monolith' that hangs out on King + Erb street in uptown waterloo.

You can tell the folks who designed it are optimists. The yearly max is 500K. Today (as of noon) we had 5. Its September, I suspect the number will be steady for a while, then start to decline. So we likely won't hit the max for a while yet.

Now, new bike lanes are here on King, they are bit weird to use (for bikes, for pedestrians, for cars alike... so a compromise?), and as people get used to them presumably the number will go up.

But... it was mid twenties and sunny at noon today, and if only 5 people used this lane here.... we have some selling to do 🙂

500K here we come.

2 comments on “The spirit of optimism is alive in uptown waterloo
  1. db Nick says:

    Does it count EV Bikes? I consider that cheating

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