Shipping roulette: sometimes its 00

So earlier I wrote (and was mocked for) the issue with the wifi-powered desk-lamp and the interference with the bluetooth keyboard. To improve that, I hacked up a video cable I had and removed its ferrite filter. (And yes, a wifi-powered desk lamp that interferes with a bluetooth keyboard is a bit of a first world problem I will stipulate).

After declaring ‘mission accomplished’ on that, I decided to order a few cores “just in case” there was a next time. It was also a dodgy dangerous thing removing the core from the video cable (it was encased in plastic and my knife kept slipping!).

So, after the usual ebay / aliexpress quick search, I found some that were a decent price, hit the buy now, and settled in for the unknown wait (a day? a month? 3 months?)

Well, today was the day. And, let me tell you, sometimes things arrive from China with a bit less packaging care than needed. In this case, well, see from the photo on the right. I have some ferrite shrapnel!

Lovingly ground by…. ground transportation!

Should I open a ticket and try to get my $0.60 back? I think not, I’ll let it slide.






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  1. Nick

    They’re ‘assembly required’ types.

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