Disco mornings

The year was 1977. I was in grade 1. Ontario introduced this new thing called the ‘Health Hustle‘. Every morning for about 5-10 minutes before class started, the super-hi-fidelity loudspeaker system (tannoy for you overseas folks) would creak into motion. We would all stand up in the aisles or the empty space at the front of the room. And then, suddenly, disco. The most memorable for me, Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” and Captain&Tennille’s “Love will keep us together“. And a decent interlude of Bee Gee’s. The older kids, all rockin’ their Kiss Army shirts, I’m not as sure what they thought. But us young un’s would jump like mad in the aisles, unaware of the irony of the playing of “Fat Bottomed Girls”.

Seems like this guy also remembers 🙂 Anyone else? Everytime I hear Fleetwood Mac I think back to the smell of sweaty polyester and Elmer’s white glue, pencil shavings, and trying not to hit your flailing limbs on the desks.






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