Got domain? Its only $1

Got domain? Its only $1

A few people have asked me about ‘so how would I get a domain name?’.

Well, you head here. It can cost as little as $1. Once you have a domain name, you own * creating the sub-names. But a domain-name in and of itself is not an email address or a web page. Some of those registrars will offer that, others let you BYOD.

For example, I use g-suite for my personal domain. It gives me email via a gmail interface (with the associated security and spam blocking), but also google docs et al. This is another $4/mo.

The ‘why’ I would get a domain name is a more complex set of reasons:

  • You want it permanent, regardless of whether you change jobs/email providers
  • You want to have a presence for a small business
  • You want better search-engine optimisation
  • You want to prevent some miscreant from registering ‘’ and putting up photos of you during that one night that you forgot but no once else did.

Maybe its for a charity event. Or even just a fancy party. You can register a domain name and use it for a short time period.

So, want to be your own domain master? (or others, they all work kind of the same way).

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    • You need to show some connection to canada.
      But other ccTLD domain registrars are similar, so e.g. .in, .us, etc.

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