A free yubikey w/ a cheap subscription to wired? What’s the catch?

So reddit revealed today they had been hacked. By someone redirecting SMS, so their 2-factor authentication was hacked. Hmm. Well, we all knew SS7 had flaws.

The Yubikey. Its a relatively simple way for the average person to have 2-factor without the hassle. And they cost about $50. USB-A, USB-C, NFC, etc. For Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android. What’s not to love?

What’s this? A deal? for $10 I can get a years subscription to Wired ‘magazine’ and a free Yubikey to boot? Too good to be true!

Funny thing tho. If you are in the US, indeed, its $10, and you can say ‘digital only’ if you don’t want glossy dead trees delivered to your house.

But the rest of the world, well, it costs us *more* to *not* get the print version. Weird. It can be $10 for print (plus unspecified international shipping fees), or $20 for digital. But we still get a free Yubikey. Hmmm. Hard to model w/o knowing those international shipping fees.

So, who is signing up to get their Yubikey? Its strong security for the rest of us.






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