I can’t A4rd to not read the fine print on this scam

So recently I applied for an EU trademark (no its not on 'angry orange diaper baby'). While the machinations of government weed their way along on this I just sort of wait and twiddle my thumbs, periodically they may ask for more detail.

So I get home from work tonight and there is a letter. Official like, w/ a logo much like that of the EU, colours, so on. I open it, and, well, its there on the right for you to peruse.

I'm reading it, and I'm a bit puzzled. They want another €2K? But I thought I've paid it all. Then I start thinking, ok, its granted, and this is some sort of publishing fee.

And then I read the fine print at the bottom. Have a look.  "Register in our private database". "Not affiliated with the official...". Its a scam. And if I were not reading skeptically, fine tooth comb and all, I might have paid it.

The good folks at the WIPO have some words to say on this scam.

tl;dr: read the fine print.

2 comments on “I can’t A4rd to not read the fine print on this scam
  1. db Kyle Larose says:

    Are trademark submissions public? If not, how did they find out about this?

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