I can’t A4rd to not read the fine print on this scam

So recently I applied for an EU trademark (no its not on ‘angry orange diaper baby’). While the machinations of government weed their way along on this I just sort of wait and twiddle my thumbs, periodically they may ask for more detail.

So I get home from work tonight and there is a letter. Official like, w/ a logo much like that of the EU, colours, so on. I open it, and, well, its there on the right for you to peruse.

I’m reading it, and I’m a bit puzzled. They want another €2K? But I thought I’ve paid it all. Then I start thinking, ok, its granted, and this is some sort of publishing fee.

And then I read the fine print at the bottom. Have a look.  “Register in our private database”. “Not affiliated with the official…”. Its a scam. And if I were not reading skeptically, fine tooth comb and all, I might have paid it.

The good folks at the WIPO have some words to say on this scam.

tl;dr: read the fine print.






2 Responses to “I can’t A4rd to not read the fine print on this scam”

  1. Kyle Larose

    Are trademark submissions public? If not, how did they find out about this?

    1. db

      yes, including my home address.

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