For $35 how could I go wrong? drone takes flight!

OK, for this price normally you get something that lasts about 10 minutes and then heads off into the trees. But I got a DROCON X708W in some sort of flash-deal on Amazon. It came with 7 batteries and a pair of *sketchy* chargers. One of which is shown (6 x 750 mAh batteries plugged into a small plastic block plugged into a USB connector, what could go wrong?)

Now for the price, its great. Real-time video, a few extra parts, and the smell of cheap plastic. And it works. And its mine. And with 7 batteries (plus a coupon for a free #8 if I email them my amazon order #). I cannot possibly forsee any lithium-based fires in my future.

What could it use? Well, a power switch would be nice. Insert battery, plug in (gingerly) the JST connector, and its on. Who needs a power switch right?

There’ an app, the app works, the app is (mostly) in English. Its a bit ‘odd’ and non-app’ish, but, well, it works.

But, hey, you came for the crash right? So, I present the video of the first flight. 10 seconds of freedom, and then it discovered my roof, and then I went to get my ladder. Sadly for you I turned off the video before getting the ladder, so you will have to close your eyes and imagine it. Here you go tho, 10 seconds of first-flight glory. Orville and Wilbur, eat your hearts out!






One response to “For $35 how could I go wrong? drone takes flight!”

  1. Chris

    I agree, that looks pretty darn cool and excellent value for $35.
    But if I had a dime for every time the words “for $35 how could I go wrong?” either led me astray, to disappointment, or to a doctor’s office, I’d be able to afford my own $35 drone.

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