DDoS my wallet: more on cloud pricing

So I now have my massive IT infrastructure (rev 1.0) online and ready to rock and or roll. And i’m looking at the ‘logging’ and ‘analytics’ that are included. Interesting, good to know its there if I ever want to debug something. But wait, I’m paying extra for this? And its not even obvious how much. lets take a look at the pricing matrix:

FeaturePrice1Free allotment per monthEffective date
Stackdriver Logging$0.50/GBFirst 50 GB/projectJune 30, 2018
Stackdriver Monitoring data$0.2580/MB: 150–100,000MB
$0.1510/MB: 100,000–250,000MB
$0.0610/MB: >250,000 MB
All GCP metrics2
Non-GCP metrics: <150MB
June 30, 2018
Stackdriver Monitoring API calls$0.01/1,000 API callsFirst 1 million API callsJune 30, 2018
Stackdriver Trace ingestion$0.20/million spansFirst 2.5 million spansSeptember 30, 2018
Stackdriver Trace retrieval$0.02/million spansFirst 25 million spansSeptember 30, 2018

OK, so, um, how much will this cost? On the first, I guess its reasonable that unless:

  1. Some app has a bug and goes for a loop
  2. Someone accesses it in a tight loop passsword guessing

That I should be under 50GB (a project is sort of a collection of all the stuff together, so its multiple virtual machines each of which runs multiple containers).

Now for the monitoring data. Hmm. What’s a non-GCP metric?

On the 3rd, well, I’m not calling the API. I guess the infrastructure (GKE) is calling the API to post tho?

So, since some of these services may log URL accesses or login attempts, who can tell me what my cost this month will be? The url is http://localhost/ if you want to try and run up my bill.






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