Carnot efficiency and high tech. And a PSA: update your home router

So i’m in  San Francisco for the next couple of days for a cyber security conference. A city known for technology. And let me share with you some views of how high tech that can be.

First i present the indoor closed loop air conditioner. Carnot cycle be damned, I’m sure this all indoor airconditioner can do more than make noise! (Yes i checked, that outside window is permanent sealed)

Next i present the hi-techfi entertainment centre in our airbnb. yes finally clocks and radios together!

For those unfamiliar with Admiral, it was our first tv when i was a kid. And its sort of still around today as AOC. Vintage mid century modern with a rustic sound.

What delights will the rest of the week have?

And, finally, a PSA. Check your home router. Is its firmware up to date? Mirai was bad news a year and change ago. And disturbing news today. So, check youu have most recent firmware and help a friend or neighbour do the same.

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2 Responses to “Carnot efficiency and high tech. And a PSA: update your home router”

  1. Robert Carey

    Wow. Spared no expense on that AirBNB eh? 🙂

    Located deep in the heart of the Tenderloin district?

    1. db

      its on the edge of tenderloin on turk st.

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