Smarten-up you wall switch! The Ecobee Switch+ (with various assistants)

So I received my shiny new ecobee Switch+. It takes one of your old stupid wall switches and smartens it up. Its what you need!

The ecobee Switch+ integrates with Google/Amazon/Apple/Samsung/IFTT/… Its got a little microphone/speaker, and regular old button to turn on/off. Who doesn’t want their wall talking to them?

You need to make sure your switch is a) not dimmer, b) not 3-way, c) has neutral. Then you are good to go, zero-footprint smarts!

So in my case, I have a timer-switch built in the wall that controls my front-porch lights. Now, living in a moderately northern clime, the nighttime changes during the year. In december, I need this to come on at 4pm. In july, 9pm is fine. So, I can either set the timer for the worst, and use a bit of extra power, or change it every month or so. Sigh, such a dumb switch. There must be a better way?

Well, you can see my install below. Next step, hook this (either IFTT? or direct to HomeAssistant) to automation for ‘dawn’ and ‘dusk’.

You know you want to rush out and spend your $100 on this bad boy. Ecobee Switch+, get it here.






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