Using shodan to assess a country’s risk: revisited

Earlier I wrote about using Shodan to assess country-specific risks, showing a specific router that the UAE has a lot of. The good folks at Shodan have a country-exposure dashboard. And they’ve just added Switzerland and Germany. They are focusing in on Industrial Control Systems, which is another topic I am fond of. They have also taught me the geography of Switzerland 🙂

So, give it a look, lobby for your country (Canada next please!)

My only other suggestion would be maybe to normalise by # of devices online? E.g. for the US, of course California has the most services vulnerable. But, it has the most devices. It would be interesting to know if it were better or worse than the rest of the country.






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  1. sorry if i’m misunderstanding you but shodan already has canada ics-exposure page


  2. db

    He added it last night.

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