Security liability for software vendors, open source on end of support? Great ideas France!

This is a tough slog of a read (167 pages), but there is a proposal from France on cyber security (the parent web page here). I tried a machine-translation to English, but, well, the fonts are embedded as images somehow. Hmm, its like a scan, its a set of pictures. Boo. OCR? What is this, 1990? Plus the font is some sort of comic-sans/cursive script, with accents, I’m not optimistic. So I’ll slog on w/ my amateur French.

In a nutshell:

  • Don’t lose individual privacy or freedoms while fighting oppressors
  • Private companies cannot fight back
  • Companies can be liable for cyber-vulnerability in their products as long as commercially available
    • And should release source and docs at end of life
  • A hotline (think the red phone from the cold-war) to call other ‘actors’
  • Sovereign state can use cyber-offense as part of defense
  • Education of people
  • 249 systematically important organisations

PS, I tried the OCR. Tesseract has a Long-Short-Term-Memory machine-learning approach. The training set is small, which surprises me.

convert -verbose -page a4 -density 300 -quality 00 -flatten 20180206-np-revue-cyber-public-v3.3-publication.pdf revue-cyber-%d.png
tesseract -l fra revue-cyber-2.png

And it output:

DeSs MONACES en éVOUTION emecm emcem ssem m osmme me smme mem emme vamem n eee 11
1.1.1. — lL‘espionnage .c ccc ec ecec rsc rs r rrr rrr rs rs 11
1.1.2. — La CYDEPCTIMÎIMAUTÉ ccce ce sec ose se se se sem eme se se eme se 12
1.1—3, LÀ L SALLOÔTI ssme nsme eme nsem ne ee ee eeme o 13

From this input.

So, i’m not going to spend more time on this. I mean, yeah, its kinda working, and i guess finding and training the font, etc.

So, in the comments… If you are a native cyber-french speaker, what did you find in the doc?

Also, if you are a OCRist-extraordinaire, and want to have a crack, let me know.






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