The LoRaWAN dragon comes to roost at my house

The LoRaWAN dragon comes to roost at my house

LoRaWAN. Its a magical network that uses unlicensed spectrum (915MHz for me), runs longish distances with stupidly low power (years of battery life), and is designed to make your things network in internet-styles. And now its in my house.

At right we see a Dragino¬†gateway. Who is Dragino you ask? Well, in their own words: “Dragino dedicates to promote Open Source IoT solution. Our Open Source products are sold world widely and gain good names in the Open Source Internet of Things filed.” I think that is pretty clear! They make a gateway (and you don’t necessarily need a gateway in LoRa) that runs OpenWRT. And they have a YouTube video with real production values (see end).

Coupled with that I have a pair of ESP32 LoRa micro, powered up, and happily chatting. That was easy!

OK, digging in a bit, this is a single-channel device, it seems it is more of a node than a gateway. Hmm. But, well, the company has done a decent job here, documentation on connecting to The Things Network, on using it with open source, on compiling for it. Its not common for Shenzen-express-type products to have anything other than the box they came in. So kudos for that. Even the ESP32 MCU’s came w/ a github repo (and a web site, a lot of electronics that arrive at my house don’t have that nicety or even a brand name). Times they are a changing!

The interior? Sure. Click the thumbnails to see the glorious detail.


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  1. I’ve been wanting to put a few humidity sensors in various places to control bathroom fans etc.
    This seems like the economically viable, less obtrusive way to do it…

    • xiaomi zigbee.
      much simpler cheaper approach. its what i used for the cat house temp/humidity

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