Falcon Heavy launch: what we saw

OK, there are tons of better videos on line. But if you want to see what i saw for the Falcon Heavy Launch… I’ll post the link to the 4K version (and then a down-scaled to HD one below inline).

Here is the video in 4K. And below is in HD (go full screen and full sound!)






3 Responses to “Falcon Heavy launch: what we saw”

  1. Robert Carey

    This looks spectacular. Must have been awesome to witness live.

    1. Nicolas St-Pierre

      The sonic booms were also a nice touch… best video I could find, from LC37.. about equidistant from our viewing vantage point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_kfM-BmVzQ

  2. brandy

    That is absolutely amazing! Such an awesome experience to have experienced.

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