Update on tire repair adventure: Great Success!

OK, earlier I wrote about tire-repairs the way you were never taught in shop class, using spray-foam. The general consensus in the comments was “brilliant idea, terrible execution and outcome!”. Well, naysayers, you are wrong. Today we had a reasonable amount of snow, and I got to try my repair out. And, well, the photo speaks for itself. Tire is round-enough, stiff-enough, to mange my small snowblower. Ha! Take that. After several years of the strap+inflate method to fix the tire each time I went to use it (or the disaster of the tube experience, the even worse new-tire experience), we are in a good spot. How could this ever fail?

I left the schmoo on the side as a testament to its pure tirey-goodness inside. That scar-tissue of latex foam is the badge of honour for this tire.






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