Month: August 2017

Enabling TLS1.3

TLS 1.3. Its new, its shiny, its much better.And its supported by nginx 1.13 which is part of the backend of this blog. It was a bit of work to get a perfect score on ssllabs test (as below), and

Robot vacuums: maps, security

So the vac was let loose in a few rooms on the main floor. It uses a laser-ranging dome augmented with sonar. You can see its estimation of my livingroom and kitchen below. The obstacles are things like couches, tables,

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The internet of things: the enemy is me!

When I was a kid electronics were something you saved your meagre earnings to splurge on at Active Electronics. A breadboard, a z80, that was 2 months sweat. You’d get a little baggie with a pink foam and black chip

API’s: is there anything they can’t do?

So the other day I bought a google home. This provides a standalone device with the google assistant (which also lives on my phones and tablets). I run ‘’ which allows me to manage some of the various and sundry things

IoT vacuum update: it didn’t kill me in my sleep!

The Xiaomi robot vacuum joined my household last night. It wasn’t too complex to switch the voice pack over to English (it has ~50 Chinese voices, but only 1 English, and you have to be able to read Chinese to find