Goodbye tunnel broker, hello dual stack ipv6

For many years now I have been using the (free) Hurricane Electric Tunnel Broker. If you don’t have ipv6, its free and very simple to setup and I highly recommend it.

But, time moves on, and dual stack is better than 6in4 tunnel broker. For both latency, and throughput. So I was very excited to see that Rogers has (finally) enabled footprint-wide ipv6 (native, not their original 6RD). They have a mega-thread about it here. But in a nutshell, put your modem┬áback into ‘routed’ mode, do a factory reset, reboot, put it back into bridge mode, and enable DHCP6-PD on your home router. And boom, you have yourself some native ipv6 (those steps are easier than you think, the most complex tool you need is a paperclip, the second most complex is patience).

Once done, head on over to, and give it a go. You want 10/10 all green, no tunnel broker. You can then test a top-notch IP v6 web site like and bask in the glory of ‘it just works’.

(ps if you sign up for the beta firmware, you can leave the modem in ‘routed’ mode. But personally I like my packets bridged when it comes to DOCSIS. YMMV).

So, so long, and thanks for all the bits.






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