more battery charging

So reading the Battery Charging Implementers spec, and in particular, this doc, Section 6 is the gory details. (and table 5.3).

Table 5.3 suggests that RID_A  should be 124K (oops, I used 100K), RID_B = 68K, and RID_C = 36.5K.

And, it says that RID_A is 122 < RID_A < 126K, so there’s no way my 100K is in that range. Its < 5% tolerance too.

Hmmm, maybe its more time w/ the soldering iron that is warranted.


… later …

Now w/ the correct 124K. The interesting bit is just need CONFIG_USB_MSM_ACA=y, and not CONFIG_USB_MSM_STANDARD_ACA. So yes it charged w/ the OTG cable.

And very briefly it does both OTG USB and charge.

But no dice on it working correctly all the time.






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