Month: December 2018

  • The humble power bank as a marketing swag giveaway: Don’t bother

    About 10-15 years ago the power-bank came on the scene. People were carrying phones and other gadgets around that needed charging and were constantly worried about running out. As a consequence, if you offered them one with your logo, they would carry it around. Marketing objective achieved. Fast forward to today. The gadgets now have […]

  • The car charger virus arrives

    In December 2017 I predicted that 2018 would see a virus that transmitted malware via smart electric car chargers. Well… (good?) news everybody, its here. They only highlight one, an in-home charger, here by chargepoint. Side note: that self-same charger I mentioned in Campbellville Court that was non-functional on Dec 17, 2017 was *still* not working on […]

  • When good recursives go bad: why does not give the same answer as

    Anyone got a suggestion for this? Why would Cloudflare DNS be unable to resolve the SOA record of a given domain if Google DNS can? can also resolve this without trouble. Its not a one-of either, it repeatedly refuses to answer, but does for other domains. Hmmm. Is this a disconnect between Cloudflare and […]

  • Force docker to always rebuild from a certain layer

    Docker has a cache. This saves you a ton of time when the instructions haven’t changed. But sometimes it cannot tell if there’s a change, e.g. it may be doing a ‘pip install git+http://…’. If the package has changed, it doesn’t see that. Sure you could ‘docker rmi’ a lot of times, like a caveman, […]

  • Build a docker container with a relative path to another directory

    OK. We’ve all been there. We want to make one container that installs something from git that it is in another repo. But we don’t want to keep pushing that other repo. Perhaps you want to do something like: ADD ../other RUN pip install … But, you get this cowardly failure: “Forbidden path outside the […]