Month: October 2018

Cat eating pigeon related packet loss in SMS? Banking in the 21st century

So I had the honour and privilege of doing an international wire transfer today to Hungary. After some decoding of Hungarian addresses, accents, etc., I managed to fill that in to the web interface provided by my Canadian bank (you

The quest for minimalism

Earlier I wrote about the ‘elastic-prune’ a simple cron-job that lived in Kubernetes to clean up an Elasticsearch database. When I wrote it, I decided to give ‘distroless’ a whirl. Why distroless? Some will say its because of size, they

Pruning elastics with Kubernetes CronJobs

There was a time you just ran ‘crontab -e’ to make this happen. But, progress, are you still on my lawn? Lets discuss how to solve the specific issue of ‘my database fills up my disk’ in a Cloud Native

The chautauqua continues next week: meetup on microservices @ Auvik

I know you have all finished reading Zen and the Art now (and several of you have finished Lila), so you all understand what a Chautauqua is. We’ve been through a few now, and are starting to ratchet the learning

A purple monkey ate my homework? The inter-connectedness of cloud

So YouTube is down tonight. My money is on some nation-state-shenanigans with BGP routing table injection, but that is wild-speculation. So what does that have to do with my homework? Well, you see, I use G-Suite. And as part of