Month: October 2018

  • DNS roulette

    We’ve all heard of Russian roulette, the game where you take a 6-shooter, put 1 bullet in it, spin it, and point it at your head. I’m hoping this only exists in movies. But what about DNS roulette? Here’s an example. I’m using a web service (Travis) as a CI. And like all good microservices […]

  • Radon is November month. Or something like that. Check early, check often

    Its national radon month here in the great white north. They estimate 21, 100 Canadians will die of lung cancer this year, 3000 of those because of Radon. Have you gone and bought your Radon monitor yet? You, yes you, need one if you have a basement or ground floor to your house. If you […]

  • An autumn ride home through Waterloo Park: the video

    Want to see where I wiped out and surprised the ducks? Or some fall leaves starting to happen? Here’s the peaceful commute home I have daily, for your viewing pleasure. Imagine the smells of crisp leaves and the gentle quacking of the ducks.

  • Hackable spoke lights? Sign me up!

    The naysayers about the ‘valve-stem lights’ were wrong: they are still working! But, time goes on, and, well, nobody can really tell what those things say and there’s no obvious way to update the firmware. (Yes, bike valve-stem firmware, its a thing, get over it). So enter this. Its *much* brighter (driven by an 18650 […]

  • The fastest hacking tool in the world is a microphone

    People freeze up when a microphone is thrust in their face. They shut down the though processes and go with it. Lets see about passwords. They should be: Not a pet’s name nor related to your age Not be where you are from Not shared with strangers on the street Lets see how these random […]