Month: September 2018

Debugging in the container: http when you don’t have curl

Same sort of deal as the previous post. Let’s say you are trying to understand why you are getting a 404 when you access a host from within a container, but not from outside. So you help yourself to a

Debugging in the container: how to resolve a host when you don’t have the tools

We’ve all been there. You are curious what container-A resolves container-B to. But, since you believe in security, you have carefully made sure container-A is as close to ‘distroless’ as possible. You’ve made the filesystem read-only, no privilege is present,

Laser bike lights!

Lasers. Once thousands of dollars, now cat’s toys from the dollar store. What a time we live in. And now they are on my bike. I purchased the Ampulla C1, it gives you rear-light, turn lights, brake lights, and laser-lines

Scroll-wheel zoom for KDE and bad eyesight

So I’m finding it very hard to see these days. Its not getting better, and its very demoralising. Carpet bombing my life with reading glasses has helped, as has large fonts, bright lighting, high contrast, and large displays.  But even

CIRA voting has begun. And bad SSL ensues

Yesterday was the AGM for the Canadian Internet Registry (CIRA). And coincident with that, the voting for the next slate of board of directors started. I am running for a board member, and would appreciate your vote. If you have