Month: June 2016

  • Goodbye tunnel broker, hello dual stack ipv6

    For many years now I have been using the (free) Hurricane Electric Tunnel Broker. If you don’t have ipv6, its free and very simple to setup and I highly recommend it. But, time moves on, and dual stack is better than 6in4 tunnel broker. For both latency, and throughput. So I was very excited to […]

  • Red carpet blackhole network impairments

    So i’m sitting in the United Club in Denver. The amenities are almost too many to list on the longest fingers of one hand. And good Internet is certainly one of the amenities that is lacking. So i decided to dig into it and share with you so that next time you are in a […]

  • Home (network) security: it’s hard

    So I cracked open OpenVAS today. Its been a while, and new vulnerabilities occur (and new devices wiggle there way onto my network in fits of weakness!). And OMG their was a lot of ‘High’ vulnerabilities (without even looking @ the medium and low ones). I let the discover run for a while (179 actives devices on […]