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This might be a little detailed for most, feel free to don your peril-sensitive sunglasses. So, no offence to Debian 9.6 Stretch, but the rest of the fleet runs Ubuntu, which is very similar, but, well, some packages are different. …

Swap from Debian to Ubuntu as Linux image on Pixel Slate Chromebook Read More »

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All of this is done in the ‘penguin’ container of ‘termina’ (e.g. enable ‘linux’ on the chrome settings). By default its Debian 9.6, and runs Python 3.5. But you might want to run e.g. Quart, which wants a newer rev …

Bringing Python 3.7 to the Chromebook Read More »

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If you have a mild allergy to ascii or yaml you might want to avert your eyes. You’ve been warned. Now, lets imagine you have a largish server hanging around, not earning its keep. And on the other hand, you …

Kooking Kontainers With Kubernetes: A Recipe for Dual-Stack Deliciousness Read More »

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Like shaky-cam? Like hearing me speak about ‘what i’ve learned about cloud security and micro-services’? This video is for you! Its our meetupĀ (The Waterloo Technology Chautauqua) on video and posted for your pleasure. Thanks again to Auvik for hosting.

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So another day and another ‘registry out of space’. I wrote earlier about the crappy experience increasing this size (and GKE is still on 1.10 so I can’t use the 1.11+ resize mechanism!!!) Vowing not to repeat the ‘that can’t …

Lessons learned: COPY . and geometric size progression Read More »

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