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  • Swap from Debian to Ubuntu as Linux image on Pixel Slate Chromebook

    This might be a little detailed for most, feel free to don your peril-sensitive sunglasses. So, no offence to Debian 9.6 Stretch, but the rest of the fleet runs Ubuntu, which is very similar, but, well, some packages are different. So lets see how we can make the Chromebook run a Ubuntu image and still […]

  • Bringing Python 3.7 to the Chromebook

    All of this is done in the ‘penguin’ container of ‘termina’ (e.g. enable ‘linux’ on the chrome settings). By default its Debian 9.6, and runs Python 3.5. But you might want to run e.g. Quart, which wants a newer rev for some asyncio. So, here goes. Step 1: Install dev essentials, as root (e.g. sudo) […]

  • The many minds of the Chromebook

    Years ago I read this book “The Many Minds of Billy Milligan“. Its non-fiction, and quite good. The general gist of it is about an individual with multiple-personalities. So lets talk about the new entry to my fleet, the Google Slate. Its a chromebook. And it has all kinds of split personalities that are walled […]