So the combination of limitations on the other device were bugging me. The resistive screen, the slow processor, the low memory, the gingerbread. But the final straw was the bluetooth hooked to the ‘CE’ device.

So i have moved ahead with a Nexus 7 (2013) project. I have acquired single-wire-canbus (for steering wheel controls), USB compositve video input (for the backup camera), USB GPS (for better gain and lock), 4x50W Amplifier, USB DAC audio output, USB HUB, 12V to 5V 50W buck boost converter, cabling harness for GM/Chevrolet (silverado), USB Software-Define-Radio (SDR) for the FM.

The Nexus 7 is more or less identical in size to the faceplate of the factory. So i will shortly start w/ the dremel and soldering to get it all in there. I’m finding it hard to get the time for the project, so it might take most of august. I must say the new nexus 7 is a lot of tablet for the money!

As a side note… the older android unit is available on a first-come-first-served basis for the price of shipping from Canada. I did not install it, it still functions just fine. If someone responds that they will come to my house to pick it up, even better 🙂 Just post a comment if you are interested.

2013-07-31 22.07.58

So i have purchased a 2-din 6.2″ Android to install into my 2011 Chevrolet Silverado (non-Bose radio). My intent is to make sure it is rooted, upgraded from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean, and tethered to my Galaxy Nexus.

Other modifications I wish to do include a Tasker profile to run a dropbox-sync when it sees my home WiFi (hopefully in the time between driving into my garage and the retained-accessory-power (RAP) turning it off).

I will also be connecting this to the steering – wheel controls, to the OBD-II sensor via Bluetooth, and to a rearview camera, as well as to the stock (OnStar) microphone.

I have purchased an Axxess ASWC and an Axxess GMOS-LAN-01 to do the wiring & canbus hookup. I have also purchased a Metra GM Multi-kit 95-3305 faceplate adapter.

There are some existing threads about these family of stereos (I believe they are all the same OEM, just different manufacturer labels), e.g. @ XDA, 4PDA, and 4PDA.

The stereo arrives at the end of this week, so the fun will start then. Until then, i can only see the img files and build.prop etc.

Available from for $310 with free shipping.