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  • USB OTG Charging, Nexus 7 Flo (2013)

    OK, so the USB OTG works just fine, i’ve added the driver for my ‘easycap’ for rearview-camera, and enabled module loading. Now to dig into how to enable the use of charging while using USB OTG. In the msm kernel directory, there is a file¬†./Documentation/usb/msm_otg.txt. We want ID_A: Configure device to act as host and […]

  • Preparing to build the kernel

    Kernel source code from git clone git://git.linaro.org/kernel/linux-linaro-3.1.git Instructions for toolchain from https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Android/Toolchain $ mkdir -p linaro-toolchain && cd linaro-toolchain $ repo init -b linaro-master -u git://android.git.linaro.org/toolchain/manifest.git $ repo sync -j4 $ cd linaro-toolchain/build $¬†./linaro-build.sh –with-gcc=gcc-linaro-4.7-2013.01