Long Strange Trip

  • SamKnows, latency test

    So my Sam Knows whitebox probe has been running for a couple of days now. And here is the UDP latency graph. Notice something weird? It is bi-modal. So why could this be? Every 2nd test is in a different band of latency? I did a 1 day capture of the UDP traffic from the […]

  • How fast & bad is your internet connection: redux

    A few days ago I posted about this new tool from dslreports, which measured how your connection behaved under load. Well this week I am in San Jose (Intel Network Builders, OPNFV, NFV World Congress: the trifecta!) And here, from San Jose, you can pretty much spit and hit Mountain View (Google HQ, home of the […]

  • Enabling VT-X virtualizaton on Dell, the ‘fun’ way

    Intel added a feature to their processors some years ago (2006) called VT-X (Vanderpool) that allowed for near native execution of virtual machines. Without this, virtualisation is slow. With it, you really cannot tell the difference. (Want to know both more and less @ the same time? watch the movie!) Sadly, most BIOS writers have […]

  • Matryoshka and kvm: simplifying development with nested VM

    On my first trip to Russia, my host’s wife insisted on taking me on a world-wind tour of the seven-sisters and of some arts and crafts fair, where she selected a matryoshka doll for me to take home. The matryoshka is, of course, a nesting doll. Each time you open it, its the same again […]

  • There is a campaign to get Timur to update rom for N7 2013

    see http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/usb-rom-nexus-7-2013