Author: db

  • Preparing to build the kernel

    Kernel source code from git clone git:// Instructions for toolchain from $ mkdir -p linaro-toolchain && cd linaro-toolchain $ repo init -b linaro-master -u git:// $ repo sync -j4 $ cd linaro-toolchain/build $ ./ –with-gcc=gcc-linaro-4.7-2013.01

  • Disassembling to find the radio

    Using apktool to decode the Radio.apk, we can see that all the magic is done in, w/ native calls from Java through to it. Running ‘strings’ on the, its relatively simple, and uses a combination of /dev/sbd, /sys/class/sbd/misc/source, and /data/sbd/radio_freqlist. The has a single externally callable method, Java_com_sbd_hw_Radio_nativeSendCommand(). So it should be relatively […]

  • Adventures with a 2-din android

    So i have purchased a 2-din 6.2″ Android to install into my 2011 Chevrolet Silverado (non-Bose radio). My intent is to make sure it is rooted, upgraded from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean, and tethered to my Galaxy Nexus. Other modifications I wish to do include a Tasker profile to run a dropbox-sync when it sees […]

  • more latency than a telegraph: your mobile network @ work

    So i was hanging out in La Guardia yesterday evening. A lot of fun, really recommend the pretzel. As flight after flight was cancelled (and WiFi is not free), people were really turning to their 3G toys to update their social networks about how late they would be and the smell of the person next […]

  • 2d bar codes: mobile takes to the tabletop

    On monday I had 2 different ‘bar code’ experiences I thought i would share. As many of you know, 2D bar codes (square ones) are popping up on a lot of products and places today. You can point your smartphone at them, and get the info very quickly (which is often a web site, although […]