Mr loser gets an updated screen: the video production

In "Goodbye Mr. Loser" we talked about the shiny new 4K laser projector. I bolted it up to a stretchy spandex "Lulu Lemon" screen. And, like the real lulu-lemon, you could kinda see through it, which meant it lost some light. And, we want that light reflecting back to eyeballs.

So, and this is where it gets intriguing, I started looking for a 150" pull down screen. Now, these are not as common as e.g. 100" or 120", since they don't fit in a house. But, I found one. I ordered it. About 1.5 hour later my phone rings, its the logistics for the driver, will I be home in 30 min? Huh? No, I won't. So they send it to my office. From order to receipt was 3 hours. I was flabbergasted. Do they have stock in small cars driving my neighbourhood? The driver had it hanging out the front passenger window & the back tail gate simultaneously: its long.

OK, so we gotta mount this. Hmm, its a bit heavy. The brick is a bit crumbly. I get some sleeve anchors. And, well, you may as well watch the hilarity.

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