Month: April 2018

  • Containers, ttys and curses

    OK, this is a bit low-level, feel free to gloss over, there’s no quiz this week. There’s a minor irritation that exists in the world of containers. Sometimes you need to go poke around in them, and you want to use an application that uses curses (e.g. vi). And you find that you have 24 […]

  • Pragmatism and safety:

    When I was much younger, a friends dad was the local OPP constable. The area I grew up in houses were many km apart. There’s a photo to the right, somehow through the magic of 110-camera stuck winding, a double exposure showing both out the front and back of our house at the same time! […]

  • Radon season?

    OK, I said I’d stop writing about Radon for a bit, but, well, I can’t help it. A few readers have written in with their screenshots, and I thought I would share them back out. First, if you read no further, and you live in a house with a ground floor or basement, and you […]

  • DNS over HTTPS: enabling, padding, live. Great success!

    DNS over HTTPS: enabling, padding, live. Great success!

    OK, turns out this was easier than I thought. I added this line on my router (running Lede 17.04). I did this via Luci, but you can just edit the /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf file too. src/gz reboot_packages to my package source list. I then did ‘opkg install stubby’. In /etc/stubby/stubby.yml, I added (see for docs) upstream_recursive_servers: […]

  • DNS over HTTPS with Cloudflare, an experiment, some timings, lots of promise!

    OK here’s a recipe for you to experiment with. I chose to use to try. I looked at a few others (e.g. –> but this is only for Google DNS, and, but that only does A/AAAA, no MX or SOA or TXT). Also I chose to use a proxy (converting UDP – DNS to DNS over […]