yes a skid of champagne. open in the florida sun for 40min.

wow. watch the recap videos. when the dual booster relit for coming back    and then the landing…. wow

here is nick enjoying what im sure will be his best carbonated wine of the day

you can see the evapourating oxygen as it loads the 2nd2nd  stage.

all systems go for about 15 minutes

mobile data coverage struggles with all of us here using it.

4min to go. lots of commentary




launch window ends at 4pm. fueling needs to start in 5min to hit it.

no word on gas mileage.

the tower back there is the rocket

we are starting the go/nogo.

we are go for fueling  commencing!



crowd is getting excited. selfies with bill nye all around. lets talk about the near certainty of martians to keep us excited!

turns out if u want to practise martian life go to Antarctica. hmmm. i’ll research this later.

best comment seen (yet) is inside the appollo visitor centre. a photo of astronauts practising in space suits in the desert. its hot, they have their helmets off in the photo. and the woman behind me is wondering aloud how they can breathe and be still alive.

we have some wind delay… so 230

to go now.