Month: November 2016

Home servers: free can be expensive, TSC scaling

So last night i built a new machine for @ home. And I learned a few things I thought i would share. First, there is a motherboard form-factor called EE-ATX. That first E matters. Its huge. I bought the biggest

bad passwords and skype spam: a simple risk reduction technique

Recently we’ve been seeing a lot of ‘baidu/…’ links sent via compromised skype contacts. What is happening here is not malware. Instead, your password is known and someone has logged into the web interface to use it. How did your

IoT: Its like Maximum Overdrive without the AC/DC

OK we’ve all watched Maximum Overdrive (starring the music of AC/DC) a number of times. Great movie. It seems that the movie is on point for our future with the exception that its not Diesel powered, CB-communicating trucks, but instead,