It been a bit damp here the last couple of days. And, it appears, Sam Knows whitebox probe detects that! if you look @ this chart, the July-17th 4am drop is where the rain started, and the 12pm is where it stopped. It then started again around 6pm, and stopped around 1am. And then again around 4am today. I’m on HFC, which is normally pretty water repellent. Next to see if it can detect mosquitos and other summer events!

So my Sam Knows whitebox probe has been running for a couple of days now. And here is the UDP latency graph. Notice something weird? It is bi-modal.

So why could this be? Every 2nd test is in a different band of latency? I did a 1 day capture of the UDP traffic from the probe. I haven’t looked yet, but, are there 2 servers? Is there a 2-port lag to it and one port is busier than the other? I also ran smokeping on a home machine to the same server they use, it reports as follows, so i guess there is some support for a range.

Hmmm… The average will be precisely where none of the packets lie 🙂