Month: March 2013

more on builtin bluetooth

so the external bluetooth dongle is now working for PAN. But lets look @ the built-in one a bit more. I see that it uses /system/bin/sdptool to configure. And that in init.rc, it does somethings like setup HFAG (Handsfree audio gateway),

NAND layout

<4>[ 3.020000] ============================================= <4>[ 3.030000] [NAND Physical Invalid Block Info] <4>[ 3.040000] ============================================= <4>[ 3.040000] CS#0: (20/1024)Blocks – (80/4096)Blocks <4>[ 3.050000] ============================================= <4>[ 3.050000] [NAND FTL Invalid Block Info] <4>[ 3.060000] ============================================= <4>[ 3.060000] <4>[ 3.060000] CS#0: (20/1024)Blocks – (80/4096)Blocks

microphone routing: off by default

Trying to figure out if the microphone on the faceplate goes to the android device, or the wince device only. Using ‘sound meter’ it appears by default no sound is received. Looking in the output of ‘alsa_amixer’, i see there

Google Play Music and the tiny internal sdcard: move the cache

OK, so installed Google Play Music, and ran out of flash space instantly. Solution: # mkdir -p /mnt/sdcard/gpsflash/MusicCache # cd /data/data/ # rm -r cache/* # rm -r files/* # mount -o bind /mnt/sdcard/gpsflash/MusicCache cache # mount -o bind /mnt/sdcard/gpsflash/MusicCache

Television tuner

My device has a television tuner (Digital + Analog). There is no more Analog TV here in Canada. For Digital, we are on ATSC, North American frequencies. The device, however, only allows selecting a few countries in Europe (England, France,